Saturday, September 19, 2009

Book excerpt

I hope everyone is doing great! It is hard to believe that summer is now gone, and fall is upon us. I have obtained my medical license and am about to start in private practice once again. I am currently working out the logistics with a colleague, who is allowing me to sub-lease his office. He has been extremely helpful and gracious.

I have posted an excerpt from my book. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter Four-Life in the USA
In June 1974, my wife and I left Tehran airport to start our journey to the United States, where I would do a residency at Tulane University. After the plane departed, we cried as if we would never return to our homeland. Our first stop was Turkey and the next stop was Geneva, Switzerland. Finally, we arrived in New York before travelling to New Orleans where Tulane University is located.
In the New York airport, my wife and I were both confused. A luggage man approached us and led us to the gate where we would be boarding for New Orleans. Somewhat surprised by my bewilderment, he asked some questions and found out that about my profession. Once he learned that I was a physician, he said facetiously, "Doctor, my mental faculties work better than your medical faculty!" The events of our lives in the ensuing decades proved him right!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Did I Write this Book?

After 30-years of dedicated service to the United States as a physician I landed in a Federal Prison for alleged "fraud" in my practice. The imprisonment emboldened me to write this autobiography, which I wrote with the utmost sincerity during the lowest point in my life. In my autobiography, I strive to educate and empower the reader (you) by opening channels for debate on such important issues as human relations, monopolized capitalism, political players, healthcare reform, dealing with calamities, and most importantly, a malicious justice system based on quotas and promotions, thereby interfering with "good conscience" and "good faith" enforcement of the law. I have included my diary entries during my term in prison in the book, which is replete with feelings of guilt, remorse, and frustration. My prison sentence, while difficult, helped shape much of my thinking, offering me a completely different perspective of the world in which I live, and a spiritual awakening. I ultimately proffer lessons of life for the reader so that they can prioritize their life, and never jeopardize their happiness.

I am eager to hear your opinions, concerns, and questions about my book. Ultimately, I am hoping to advocate a fair judicial system, universal healthcare, and civility in human relations.
I hope you share some of my views, however, if not, I would love to hear your point of view regardless.